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If overthinking is defined by using your past to control your future, then the obvious solution is to root yourself into the present moment. 

Unfortunately, people who meditate regularly, have years of experience teaching yoga, and or are highly successful still struggle from habitual overthinking! 


Why is this? 


Mindfulness meditation roots you in the present moment but that feeling of calmness and clarity is temporary. Even the effects powerful meditative practices such as Kundalini wears off after awhile. After the feeling of mindfulness wears off, the problems rush right back in. 


 Sometimes, an individual’s need to overthink is so compelling that it completely overwhelm’s that person’s ability to drop into his or her mindfulness practice. You try to meditate, you try to do yoga, you try to sleep, but your mind is stuck on something and you feel like you don’t have a choice but to engage it. 


Unless you are some superhuman monk that has achieved the highest state of enlightenment, mindfulness is (1) temporary and (2) requires self-initiation prior to each use. 

That is why the Mindful Strong solution to overthinking focuses on both mindfulness training AND helping the student make peace with his or her past.