The Greatest Instant AntiDepressant In The World

I have confession to make.

Mindful Strong is not the best thing you can do to stop overthinking.

In fact, my program is not even the second best. Unlike first and second place, the full course of my third place program is not free of charge.

The best thing you can do to stop overthinking is apathy. When you do not care who you hurt or what the consequences of your actions are, you will not overthink.

You will be free to engage in unethical and high-risk high-reward behaviors to your heart’s content. It is true what they say. The quickest path to confidence is not giving a fuck. It is also the quickest and surest path to your demise.

The second best thing you can do to stop overthinking is to escape. Get high. Stay high. Make feeling good your first and constant priority. Brush your problems under the rug. Surround yourself with people that tell you only what you want to hear.

Punish your true friends who tell you the truth. How dare they kill your positive vibe to try to save you from the inevitable!

If you choose either path, you will find plenty of mentors ready to teach you for free. People who sell their souls cannot wait to spread their ways to one more person, so that they may stave off that empty feeling inside.

And then there is my program Mindful Strong. SPADE. That whole sha-bang.

If you choose option three, I must thank and applaud you. Overthinking is a painful predicament. Anyone who is willing to cure their pain the hard way, the way that does not sacrifice character and truth, is someone who deserves the highest applause and gratitude.

The greatest antidepressant in the world is the same reason you chose Mindful Strong over apathy and escapism. 

The greatest antidepressant in the world is love.

Five years ago, upon reading that last sentence, I would have rolled my eyes and exited the browser. Love? To me of the past, love was the biochemical equivalent of eating lots of chocolate.

Eight years ago, I was a freshman in college. One day, I was returning home to my dorms and I saw a tiny girl no taller than 5 foot getting beat up by her boyfriend who was over 6 foot tall.

I threatened the guy with great bodily harm and he turned and walked away. As I comforted the girl and pulled out my phone to call for help, she broke away and ran after the guy, hugging him from behind.

That image defined love to me for years. Love? That was for stupid people. I was a man of rationality.

Yet, a few years ago, when I tried to take my own life, love was what saved me in the end. The love of my fellow human beings was displayed in full as people I have not seen for years, people who were complete strangers, came to my rescue.

Equally important was the love I was willing to show others. I remember how lonely and broke I was during those days. I knew intuitively that if I let disdain for the world fill my heart, I was as good as dead. I would have lost all hope and felt that the world simply had no place for me, and left.

What saved me was that every time I had a depressive episode that I could not shake-off, I promised that I would use that depression as motivation to help someone else in need.

I channeled my negative energy into a promise to serve others. Simply making the commitment to help others in the future dramatically decreased my depressive symptoms. The act of actually helping another person replaced it with euphoria.

Talk to any legitimate monk or teacher of spirituality about your depression and they are sure to prescribe compassion for others as a remedy for your own problems.

Science has proven in countless empirical studies that helping others has a positive reciprocal effect on one’s mental wellbeing.

When it comes to dealing with your own demons, charity work, works.

If you have the monster of a depressive episode, if you are in so much pain that you cannot even begin to meditate or use any other mindfulness technique, go think about helping others.

If you remember one thing, I teach you, if you forget everything else in the Mindful Strong course, remember that service to others will be your salvation.

Are you a man who just got dumped by the love of your life? Channel your unreciprocated love into thinking about all the women around the world who are struggling with basic human rights and promise yourself that you will use your sadness as motivation to make their lives better.

I guarantee that choosing this path will bring you a far better life than choosing spite. If you curse what you cannot have, you will only curse yourself.

Are you a woman who finally admits that the man you have given everything to has been using you the whole time? Good. Walk away. Stay away. Don’t hate men. That hate will leak into your next relationship and ruin it. Furthermore, hate is a passionate emotion. Passionate emotions swing like a pendulum and if you are not careful, hate will swing you right back to him.

Instead, channel your hate into serving for a nonprofit for at-risk children. Use your love to prevent men like him from being created in the first place.

Are you broke and can’t afford to donate money? Go volunteer your time.

Do you not have time or volunteering opportunities where you live? That’s okay. Make eye contact and smile the next time you see a homeless person. Check up on friends who may be going through tough times. Mentor a teenager.

Whatever you do just don’t be a love-preaching hippie that does nothing to walk the talk. If you are spiritual hypocrite who is a prophet in front a crowd but then brags about cheating on your girlfriend to your friends with the excuse that you are “sexually awoken”, depression will follow you with compounded interest and all the DMT in the world won’t do shit for you.

Love is the most powerful force in the world. It is only natural to expect repercussions when you use love in vain.

In this world, people who are willing to cut ethical corners will have the advantage over those that do not especially when it comes to short-term material gain. However, the longer the race becomes, you start to see more and more of the good people winning.

Philanthropist, such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, hold the greatest financial success. Champions of social justice such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. inspire the most people. Religions that persist throughout millennia, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Sikhism, are centered on love.

In the beginning, a good person must weather the storm that is human ignorance and malice. With time, all that remains standing is love.


1. Compile a list of charitable causes that you care about. Like their pages on social media and create a collage of inspiring images from their sites

2. Every time you feel negative about particular person or incident, write in your journal about how you are going to use this negative experience as motivation to help others. Be detailed in your process

3. Commit to one act of kindness a week. Put a post it note on your mirror or calendar reminding you to commit to acts of kindness.

Advanced challenge: find a nonprofit and volunteer for it on a weekly or biweekly basis.  


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