Welcome and thank you for being apart of the Mindful Strong test campaign. We created Mindful Strong to help people stop overthinking. This is the test website for the program. Above, you will find three tabs on the far right: Welcome, State Change, and Feedback. Under the welcome tab, you will be able to read how we breakdown the complex problem of overthinking and what our solution is. The State Change tab will grant you access to the free courses we have developed. Please take a few classes and tell us what you think! You can provide feedback to us by clicking the Feedback tab, which will lead you to a page with a Google forms link! 

Thank you so much for your participation. Overthinking is a source of mental illness, performance sabotage, and relationship destruction for many. Together, we can put an end to this epidemic. 

Hello There!

We are Mindful Strong. We teach people how to stop overthinking. 

Students that complete and apply our program can expect to command a flow state where they are entirely in control of their thoughts and focus. 

Such will grant you the following superpowers:

  • End destructive repetitive thought cycles anytime, anywhere
  • Train yourself to look forward to mindfulness meditation, rather than treating it as a forgettable chore
  • Stay completely calm during chaotic and high-stress scenarios
  • Handle difficult social conflicts with commanding grace
  • Dance with life’s soul-crushing truths. Come out on top of any existential crisis 
  • Control your mind and your emotions in the same manner that history’s greatest leaders do
  • Get the same confidence and intuitive ability as the talented people that look like they are not even trying 
  • Learn spirituality while avoiding snake-oil and pretentiousness
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